Individual Iresponsibility

There is a growing trend, especially visible in North America, where individuals are completely ditching responsibility for their actions. All is blamed on "the system" which is "put in place" to deal with all the stuff we don't want to deal with.

All this ditching of individual responsibility gives birth to a monster: Individual Irresponsibility.

Bullied kids for instance. Read this mind-numbing instance of what a school thinks it does to "protect bullies". I mean it's complete double-think that they "protect the bullied" they in fact protect the bullies:

Quote from published in February:

Carol Speers, the superintendent of education, insists West Credit has an anti-bullying program and has been very responsive to Lindsay's complaints. They set up a mediation between Lindsay and the mean girls at the end of October, offered her coping strategies, referred her for counselling in November — which finally came through just this week — and organized a co-op for her this semester so she can limit her time at West Credit. "It's unfortunate that Lindsay perceives the school wasn't doing anything for her. They've been supporting her as best as they can."

I mean some people are either really brain dead or should be thrown in jail for a long time for aiding and abating criminal bullies. I mean their plan above has nothing to do with the bullies but puts the bullied through all kinds of hoops, some taking months to "come through". And, of course, in clear double-think, it's the fault of the victim for not seeing all this goodness being done for her.


One probability is that the state's bureaucratic structures, at different levels, actually encourage and create this in all aspects of life, so they can then substitute themselves for the "sheep's" brain and, now feelings - thus deserving more taxes.


I'm working on documenting this..

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